The best WordPress theme for writers passionate about typography and simplicity. A Jeff Goins exclusive Notable Themes Signature Series™ premium WordPress theme.

Build Your Email List

Tribe2 comes standard with an easy-to-use call-to-action that connects with your Email marketing service. Building an Email list is essential to any platform and Tribe2 makes it easy.

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Provide a Clean, Accessable Reading Experience

We’ve hand-selected dozens of headline and body fonts you can use to emphasize your message. And with a squeeze page template, ConvertKit integration, and tweetable features, readers know exactly how to share your content.

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Perfect for Authors, Writers, and Book-Lovers

Tribe2′ built-in “book” post type enables you to promote your latest title, share your favorites, or even build your own digital library.

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Ridiculously Simple to Set Up and Customize

Enough with the multi-purpose, feature-cluttered, page-builder-heavy WordPress themes that take a lifetime to set up. Tribe2 is remarkably simple yet powerful. Get up and running in no time—no designers or developers required.

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Say “Hello” to New Website Visitors

Show new website visitors a special “welcome” page that helps give them a snapshot of you and your brand and what you have to offer—no extra plugins required.

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Native ConvertKit Integration

For many sites, capturing Email addresses is among the most important when it comes to building a thriving online platform. This theme makes it simple through a customizable front- page Email lead magnet and other strategically-placed lead capturing forms to ensure you grow your list effectively.

Widgetized Customizer Pages

Whether promoting your latest product, launching a new service, or holding a contest, Tribe’s built-in landing pages help you jumpstart your promotional efforts. Creating an effective landing page directly within your site has never been easier.

SEO Friendly

This theme comes SEO ready and passes Google’s “mobile-readiness” requirements to ensure your content is at the forefront regardless of the browsing medium.

Slider Free

Some may wonder how simply excluding a slider could be considered a “feature.” Recent usability studies indicate that second, third, and additional slides in a slider rarely engage visitors and can often detract from your site’s primary goals. This theme goes sans-slider and helps you hone in on a simplified, user-centric site experience.

Easily Select Your Color Palette

Tribe’s dynamic color selection process makes changing your site’s color scheme a cinch. No need to choose colors for dozens of site sections. Simply select your site’s primary set of colors and the theme takes care of the rest.

Pick from an Assortment of Typefaces

When it comes to typography, it goes without saying that a unique and professional font is essential. That’s why this theme allows you to select from a wide assortment of beautiful typefaces.

Mobile Ready

Every Notable Themes theme is fully responsive and comes ready to adapt to a plethora of screen sizes for an optimal reading and viewing experience.

Custom Shortcodes

Add icons, buttons, and more directly within any post or page with this theme’s built-in, custom shortcodes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Notable themes cost more than other themes?

There are a ton of WordPress themes out there with a pretty wide range of prices—most under $100. In almost every case, these themes are complicated, cumbersome, packed with needless features, and rarely if ever help build or grow a platform.

Notable Themes products, on the other hand, are each tailored for specific markets, trades, and industries—some of which are being used by those running multi-million-dollar online businesses. Our lead developer has charged clients in excess of $10k to develop themes equivalent to those available at Notable Themes. The themes and plugins here are available at a tiny fraction of that price.

The bottom line? Notable Themes products cost more than some themes and plugins out there but are always worth far more than they cost.

Does Notable Pro include all themes?

The Notable Pro membership includes a wide assortment of single-purpose themes, however, they do not include all “Signature Series” themes.

Can I purchase themes and plugins individually?

Absolutely! A Notable Pro membership is never required to acquire any theme or plugin. Some of our themes and plugins are even available for free. See our themes here and plugins, here. (The Platform theme isn’t available for individual purchase)

What type of WordPress hosting do you recommend?

We highly recommend WPEngine for its range of features, ease of use, and customer service.

Do your themes and plugins work with

Our themes and plugins are not currently available for websites. We highly recommend using a self-hosted version of WordPress available for free at

Can I use your themes and plugins on client’s sites (or sites being resold)?

Notable Themes products cannot be used where they are being resold to third parties of any kind. If you’re interested in reselling websites utilizing Notable Themes products, please contact us about acquiring a Developer license.

Can I get a refund?

Any individual theme, plugin, or subscription comes standard with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply contact us and we’ll manually process your refund. Refunds may take anywhere from 3-5 business days to process. Refunds are not available, however, for or our Notable Care service.