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Tags for Endorsements

Several users are requesting a way to tag an endorsement for a particular book or product. When many endorsements from the same people or product are available, they would like a quick way to sort.

Below is one user's recommended solution:

"1) Don’t use the title as the credit when the endorsement widget shows up. Give us a new field where we can enter the name for the credit in the way we want it to appear. THEN we CAN use the title field to specify both who the endorsement is from, and what product it’s for.


2) Give us a field for the product association that is searchable, or that can show up in the columns of the endorsement list. It could be a tag, or just a text field. Or, if you wanted to be fancy, you could create a new drop-down category where we could enter in product names, and then check the box for which product this endorsement applies to."