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Can’t upgrade to new version of Platform Theme 1.1.8 on my website since July 13th.

I am trying to upgrade my Platform site to version 1.1.8 on my site. I have asked Notable for support to get my site upgraded since July 13th with no solution. I have sent emails, screenshots to no avail . Tomorrow will be a week with no solution!

My latest attempt I was told to do the following:

1) Go to this link and download the updated version of the Notable Plugin Manager: 2) Install the downloaded file on your site. 3) Navigate to the Notable menu in the lower-left menubar (the same one from your 3rd screenshot). 4) Locate the Platform Theme. 5) Click Update Now similar to the circle in the attached screenshot. 6) upon updating you will see that you're running version 1.1.8 (the most recent version)

I sent errors to GoNotable when I "downloaded" the Notable Plugin Manager. I have not heard back from them. I have looked at their site for answers and YouTube to no avail. Every day I spend 2 hours emailing them with screenshots, clarification and questions with no solution to get my Platform Theme upgraded.

Can anyone help me figure this out?