Post Formats in NotablePress

NotablePress has a wide assortment of content types (known as WordPress post formats) available to you—each designed to help you connect with your audience and community in a different way.

Here are the post formats available in NotablePress:

  • Standard: Long-form, written content. This format works best for articles or blog posts.
  • Video: A single video, either embedded from a service like Vimeo or YouTube; or a link to a video file hosted with a service like Backblaze B2 or Amazon S3.
  • Audio: A single audio file—suggested use is a single podcast episode.
  • Image: A featured image uploaded to your site or embedded from a third-party source like Instagram.
  • Link: A direct link to an external site.
  • Status: [Coming Soon] A short message or conversation starter (similar to a tweet). You can also embed a status from a social media platform.
  • Gallery: [Coming Soon] A collection of photos or images in one post.

Along with each of these post formats, each is accompanied with its own collection of settings. You can see them under the “Post Options” panel in the Edit Post view in the admin.