Platform-in-a-Box Domain Name Setup

How to point your domain name to Notable’s Platform-in-a-Box hosting:

Note: This only applies to Platform-in-a-Box™ customers who have purchased WordPress hosting. If you are not sure whether or not that includes you, simply contact our support team and we will be happy to let you know.

Notable does not currently use nameservers, instead you update your DNS settings to the following. If you don’t know how to update these setting, please reach out to us for assistance.

NOTE: Use the IP address we reference in the email with your domain name instructions.

www – use it when you want to point a domain (ex: to the IP address.

A Record | www |

@ – use it when you want to point a root domain (ex: to the IP address. Some providers (like DreamHost) accept blank Host/Name field for the root domain.

A Record | @ |

If your domain is registered with, it should look something like this (Note, your IP address might be different that this screenshot):

Platform DNS Screenshot

If you are not sure how to configure this in your domain settings, please reach out to the company you purchased your domain name from, they will know how to configure these settings.