Add a YouTube Feed to Your NotablePress Front Page

As of version 0.3.8, you can now add a YouTube channel or playlist as a “Content Row” to your NotablePress front page! Here’s how it works:

Click on the “Customize” link in the admin bar once logged in and viewing your site’s front page.
Once in the Customizer, go to Widgets > Front Page Widgets > Add a Widget > Front Page: Content Row
From the “Content to Show” dropdown, select either YouTube: Latest or YouTube: Playlist, then click “Apply” to allow the additional options to appear.

If using “YouTube: Channel,” you’ll need to ensure your “Channel ID” has been specified under “Theme Settings” in the admin.

For “YouTube: Playlist,” you’ll need to specify a “Playlist ID.” You can find this by going to any YouTube playlist and then copying this section of the playlist URL:

And that’s it!